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Via Colombare, 46/48
25019, Sirmione (BS)

“Oh Sirmio, oh jewel of peninsulas and of islands, whichever in shining lakes or vast sea either Neptune supports…”

Quotation from Gaius Valerius Catullus who made Sirmione famous all over the world.

Undoubtedly, in the last century high-quality thermal tourism has been developing significantly in Sirmione: the most elegant hotels on Lake Garda are to be found on this peninsula that always fascinates with its spa and its outstanding and peculiar historic centre. The Scaliger castle is the gateway to the town centre and the “Grottos of Catullus” that were actually a villa owned by the Roman poet. An excellent gastronomy and prestigious wines characterize this area, e.g. the Lugana as one of the most longed-for wines to accompany fish dishes. Surrounded by particularly clean water, this peninsula is one of the lake areas best suitable for bathing.

Garda Haus Sirmione operates in the area between Sirmione and Peschiera. Its real estate portfolio consists of newly built residential complexes with modern apartments and classical-style lines, as well as of apartments dating back to the eighties and nineties in sustainable complexes that comply with the architectural lines introduce in that period.

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  • Maurizio Palumbo

    Branch Manager

  • Nadya Sinibaldi

    Executive Assistant to the CEO

  • Raffaele Becchetti

    Real Estate Advisor

  • Antonio Forte

    Real Estate Advisor

  • Giada Zanetti

    Front Office & Secretaryship

  • Gianluigi Vitale

    Real Estate Advisor